We’re feasting! Verizon x The Feast


We love celebrating the power of bold ideas with those leading the charge, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’re working with Verizon to do just that. Through its Powerful Answers Award, Verizon is offering an incredible opportunity to win one of four $1 million prizes, in addition to other cash awards, for innovative ideas that have the power to change the world.   

Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award invites innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs to leverage Verizon’s cutting-edge technology to deliver world-changing solutions and social good. This year, the multi-million dollar global competition will focus on four categories: Education, Healthcare, Sustainability, and Transportation. One $1 million winner and two $250,000 finalists will be selected in each of the four categories.  Learn more about last year’s world-changing ideas and how you can apply here.

On behalf of the Powerful Answers Award, we’re working with Verizon to host two bi-coastal dinner parties for pioneering leaders and brilliant innovators. There will be a feast in New York City on May 15, 2014 that gathers the brightest change-makers in the fields of Healthcare and Education, and we’ll feast again on June 4, 2014 in San Francisco, this time focusing on the fields of Transportation and Sustainability.

Here’s how the dinners work: over a delicious feast, we’ll dig into the evening’s challenges in a unique format that lets everyone roll up their sleeves and surface opportunities for change within the areas of focus. It’s an awesome opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversation with extraordinary thought leaders and doers just like you. 

Want to feast? If you’re interested in attending one of the dinners please email emily@feastongood.com with a bit about yourself and your world-changing idea.

Anne Mahlum, Founder and [now former] CEO of Back on My Feet, talks about the powerful experience of empowering other through changing the way they see themselves. She discusses her experience in empowering people going through periods of homelessness through running and the transformation and value of instilling self-worth.

Join us:


Backstage at The Feast Conference 2013, Anil Dash, Director of Public Technology Incubator Expert Labs, discusses how we spend our time online. Check out his awesome backstage talk here.
The Feast is focused on creative solutions to today’s toughest societal challenges. Our flagship conference in October brings together extraordinary people from across disciplines and serves as a starting point for relationships and projects that run all year long.Join us:http://feastongood.comhttp://facebook.com/feastongoodhttp://twitter.com/feastongood

Backstage at The Feast Conference 2013, Anil Dash, Director of Public Technology Incubator Expert Labs, discusses how we spend our time online. Check out his awesome backstage talk here.

The Feast is focused on creative solutions to today’s toughest societal challenges. Our flagship conference in October brings together extraordinary people from across disciplines and serves as a starting point for relationships and projects that run all year long.

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All Hands on Deck! The Feast Worldwide NYC

On a Sunday night in Lower Manhattan, an awesome group of changemakers and doers gathered for our Feast Worldwide dinner. The theme this month: “All Hands on Deck!”

We were thrilled to have two incredible people with us: Jessica Lawrence of NY Tech Meetup, the largest Meetup in the world, and Courtney Baxter of The Op-Ed Project, an awesome project to bring a range of voices to commentary.


Kicking off our night, Lawrence urged the room to not keep women on the sidelines. Only 3% of startups are founded by women, Lawrence said. “That isn’t enough.”

Up next! Courtney Baxter took the stage to tell us about The Op-Ed Project, and the team working to bring a range of voices to key commentary. “Only 21% of op-eds are written by women…we want to change the numbers,” Baxter said. Specifically to at least 33%, which research suggests is the tipping point at which “we would feel a cultural shift.”


Each Feast Worldwide introduces a new challenge that we mull over and workshop to move a project forward. Baxter’s Challenge for The Op-Ed Project was a tough one!

"How do we build on what The Op-Ed Project has developed to create a model that scales sustainably?" 

Cue the amazing workshop huddle.





We were so impressed by all of the creative ideas in the room. And also the delicious menu. One idea was to get past the psychological issue that “I’m not expert enough,” by provide internal training modules to hone presentation skills. Another idea: Create a LinkedIn-style network to use past and present members as experts for op-eds. The night also inspired an idea for a speakers’ bureau!

We love when our gathering spark a new collaboration and partnership between awesome groups. And so we can’t wait to see what KIPP Charter schools and the Children’s Radio Foundation have in store for The Op-Ed Project.


Want in? Sign up for the guest list at a dinner near you. April’s theme is “Gather,” and we’re feasting in: New York, Boston, Toronto, Mexico City, and Kuala Lumpur.

Special thanks to The Wooly for creating the delicious menu and to Photographer Bekka Palmer for capturing the night! And thank you, thank you, thank you to our sponsors LaunchLM and MailChimp for making the magic happen. You rock.

¡Ayyy! Feasting en la Ciudad de México!

We were so impressed with the amazing feasting and workshopping at the “Embracing Empathy” Feast Worldwide in Mexico City! An awesome group of changemakers gathered on March 13 to drive the work forward of some incredibly inspiring people. And, of course, savor the delicious menu!

Kicking off the night was Dulce Colín, the Director of Communications at TECHO, a youth-led non-profit that fights to overcome poverty in slums. We were thrilled to have them with us.

Next up! Erika Llanos shared her work at Cauce Ciudadano and how we can work to end youth violence.

Wrapping up the Feast, Claudia Rodriguez spoke about her work with Enseña por Mexico (Teach for Mexico).

We love when the most intimate of gatherings produce some lasting connections, and so we’re overjoyed to announce the new partnership between TECHO and Cauce Ciudadano that grew out of the Feast. They both focus on different scopes of work but in the same communities. And so the partnership seemed natural and a great way “…to collaborate on a project to research community needs and opportunities more in depth…”

Want to (dinner) party? Sign up for the guest list in a city near you! We’ll draw the lucky names via lottery each week.

Photos: Faridh Mendoza

Let’s Feast: Courtney Baxter of The Op-Ed Project

Each month we bring you The Feast Worldwide, a monthly dinner party-meets-creative-workshop. Over delicious food and changemaking energy, an awesome group of people works together to move a local project forward. This month we’re celebrating the theme “All Hands on Deck!” because every voice matters.

We’re thrilled to announce this month’s Feast Worldwide speaker in New York City: Courtney Baxter, Chief of Staff at The Op-Ed Project. Did we mention that she’s a rockstar? Courtney is also the founder of the street-art project Queer in Public and manager of community initiatives at Feministing. 


The Op-Ed Project is doing amazing work to increase the range of voices and ideas we hear in the world. And we’re so excited to hear from Courtney about their great work to bring under-represented voices to the forefront.


Over a delicious feast, Courtney will share one challenge facing The Op-Ed Project. That’s where we need all hands on deck. The thirty changemakers will team up to tackle the problem with creative solutions and move this project forward. Let the feasting begin! 

Photos by Baked Photography

Want to join? We’re feasting this month in New York, Boston, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, and Mexico City. Sign up here for the dinner near you.

¡Bienvenidos al Feast de Ciudad de México!

We’re excited to share a guest post by Julio Salazar, Director of Cirklo and organizer of The Feast Mexico City, a monthly dinner party-meets-creative-workshop. Want in? Sign up here for a dinner near you.


In Mexico, an invitation to feast on food and drink is taken very seriously. By custom a host’s good grace is measured by their ability to offer a succulent melody of taste, sight and sound to their guests. On February 7th 2014, the Feast Mexico City team in collaboration with Cirklo and Impact Hub DF took that melody to a new level — one where conversations on collaboration and social impact met a delectable dining experience.


The theme of the night was, “Tech for Humanity”, a burgeoning area of focus for many local thought-leaders as well as organizations in Mexico. Each invitee brought a certain skillset and/or experience working with technology to bridge the digital divide and were hand-picked from leading corporates, NGO’s, social enterprises and government entities.


The guest speaker for the night, Alejandro Maza, a co-founder of OPI & Yo Propongo, shared a compelling and inspiring story about the challenges his team overcame in the development of OPI, a platform for data-driven public policy. As he narrated his story, the audience gasped and laughed with Maza who demystified common fears about dealing with government funding, raising capital and empowering a team of employees with a founder’s vision and determination. Everyone was pleased to obtain practical advice from a seasoned entrepreneur, as well as find common ground with the challenges OPI faces as an organization harnessing the power of Open Data to do more good.


After Maza’s presentation, the floor was opened to an activity titled “3 Asks”, where three local social entrepreneurs involved in technology driven impact presented a key challenge their organization is facing with the hope of obtaining valuable feedback, ideas and knowledge from the multi-disciplinary audience. The entrepreneurs who participated were: Antonio Sabater from Enova, Alejandra Molina from Mentalia, and Linda Franco from Machina.


After the three presentations the invitees gathered around a bountiful and scrumptious feast prepared by Chef Santiago Kano. Each guest picked up a plate and snack, then chose an entrepreneur with whom they wanted to help solve their challenge. To help aid the conversations, we had some of the most mouth-watering mezcal we’ve ever tasted - special thanks to Mezcal Meteoro for setting the tone! Some participants buzzed from group to group, others stayed put to dig deep and help solve challenges. After four hours of lively debate, thoughtful insights and genuine connections the event slowly winded down two hours past the expected end time.


Thanks Julio! Ready to feast with us? Sign up here to join the guest list. Special thanks to Faridh Mendoza for the beautiful photos!

We hacked for health!

We’re just back from a whirlwind of a weekend in Washington, D.C. at the Partnership for a Healthier American (PHA) Hackathon. Our hackers did an awesome job hacking to help solve childhood obesity. 

We worked alongside PHA, an organization dedicated to solving the childhood obesity epidemic with support from the First Lady Michelle Obama. We really believe in the work that they do and have been fans for a while now.


Over two days on March 8 & 9, we hacked to help tackle childhood obesity. Our challenges?

- To help teachers empower students to make healthy choices about the food they consume, whether at home or at school

- To create an information avenue that shows families the healthy food options and physical activity opportunities available locally


Our hackers really outdid themselves. Every team presented with such passion, and we were consistently blown away by the thoughtfulness, clever UX design, thorough research, effective use of data, and innovative playfulness that came of a single weekend.


We were thrilled to have such awesome judges in the room, including: Julie Moreno (Public Health Advisor for Childhood Obesity at the White House), Bill Dietz (Director of the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity at the CDC), Larry Soler (President and CEO of PHA), and Adam Dole (Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House).

The judges selected two winning teams that will compete for the audience choice award this week at the PHA Summit. Not to mention take the stage alongside First Lady Michelle Obama… Oh, hello!


A special congratulations to the two winning hackathon teams who will take the stage in front of 1,000 industry leaders at the PHA Summit!

​​Team Superfuel presented an idea designed to help families achieve superhero status by completing a weekly dinner or activity mission. 

Team Start A Garden presented an idea designed to help teachers create quick, easy, and inexpensive classroom gardens.

Best of luck to you both! We can’t wait to see what’s next.

A Dinner Party to Explore “All Hands on Deck!”

Feasters, you’re invited to a dinner party like no other.

Each month an eclectic group of fascinating people gather for The Feast Worldwide, a dinner party-meets-creative-workshop. We feast on delicious food, changemaking energy, and incredible ideas around a local project.


Here’s how it works: Over dinner, one ambitious entrepreneur shares their vision and one challenge they’re currently facing. Then we break into teams and pool the creative energy of everyone in the room to brainstorm potential solutions. It’s a chance to harness the brilliance of thirty people from all walks of life to move the needle forward.



This month in cities from New York to Kuala Lumpur we’re exploring the theme “All Hands on Deck,” because every voice matters. The world is at a turning point, and we need as many perspectives as possible if we’re going to save it.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

For decades, even centuries, our systems of culture, art, business and even science have been created by an uneven representation of who’s at the decision-making table. But if Einstein’s quote tells us anything, it’s that a symphony of perspectives is the only thing that will solve our challenges today. We need all hands on deck.

Sound delicious? Sign up for the guest list and cross your fingers, we’ll draw the lucky names via lottery each week. See you at a dinner like no other in New York, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Boston and Toronto. Feast on!

Photos by Baked Photography